Dear ITIans who are seeking Master's degree in Nottingham summer 2010...

Considering that the time to spend at Nottingham will be from Friday, June the 25th, 2010 until Tuesday, October the 11th, 2010 covering the 3 months masters course plus a few days before and after for preparation…
kindly read and consider the following options to take a vote...

1. Nottingham university halls (Broadgate Park)
Nottingham University Accommodation options
  • Broadgate Park is the only available hall from 25th of June until 11th of September and it is located at Albion House which is about a 15 minute walk from the Univeristy main campus (then shuttle bus to Jubilee campus for 10 minutes)
  • Cost is £ 94.99 per week.
  • Note that every flat has 5 students sharing a kitchen, one bathroom with a bath and over head shower and one shower room.
  • and note that all the females will be grouped together and the males will be grouped together too.

  • For those who received confirmations emails from "Stacey Fallows", please do not reply or contact her directly, for any information please contact me (
  • kindly read the "Licence agreement"
  • complete your "Student Profile Card" But leave those fields blank (Mobile Number, Student ID) and for the home address please write your Egypt home address and make sure to end it back to Egypt.
  • and for the PDF file with your name on it, please PRINT the file, fill it, and sign it with your own handwritting then scan it again.
  • after you finish, send me your student profile card and your scanned pdf file.

1186634_38c2457b.jpg this is an over view of the Broadgate Park from outside --> very beautiful :)



this is an internal view of the rooms we'll be staying at :) (before we actually arrive ofcourse, god only knows how we'll leave it :D)

2. Trent university halls (Simpsons hall)
  • it offers staying very near to the university and its prices are cheaper (BUT it's details are not available yet....please wait for further updates)

3. Private housing
  • it can be reserved if other options are not available and It has good prices (also wait for further details later..)

4. Hotels
  • Place : 303-309 Queens Road, Beeston, Nottingham --> and it is about as far as Broadgate Park but very high in prices..
  • Hotel Facilities.

external image 6.jpg 24hr Reception
  • En-suite rooms available
  • Freeview channels on all televisions
  • Free wireless internet
  • Tea and coffee facilities in bedrooms
  • Telephones (for incoming calls) in bedrooms
  • Payphone available
  • Hairdryer in all rooms
  • Licensed bar
  • Free parking available
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Children welcome
  • Pets welcome by arrangement
Single room with shared bathroom £28.00 per night, £196 per week
Single room with en-suite bathroom £39.00 per night, £273 per week

Twin room with shared bathroom £45.00 per night, £315 per week
Twin room with en-suite bathroom £59.00 per night, £413 per week

Double room with en-suite bathroom £59.00 per night, £413 per week

Family rooms from £65.00 per night, £455 per week



this is how the bathroom and the rooms of the hotel looks like...very nice, but very very expensive!!!

the idea is to book Broadgate Park which is the best option available at the moment from the period of June 25th till September 11th and from Sep 11th until we leave,we'll look into the other options..
so if you agree, kindly fill your details in the following table for booking purposes, and note that this vote is only available for 4 days to end Sunday the 18th of April and then i'll book places ONLY for those agreed and wrote their details below...
Full name
Date of birth
E-mail address
Christine Sami Saad Ibrahim
December 28th, 1988
kareem Ebrahim El-Sayed
march 19th, 1985
Amr Ahmed Mortada
January 1st 1982
Lobna Mohammed Hammam
June 11th , 1981
Nourhan Alaa EL Din EL Sherif
December 12th, 1985
Mohamed Mysara Abdelwahab Ahmed
Feb 17th, 1986
Nada Ammar Abd El-Sattar
August 8th 1988
Hossam Gamal Hussien El-Gazzaz
July 18th 1986
Hossam Aly Mohammad Khalil
august 20th 1985
Beshoy Magdy Riad
Sept 14th 1983









for further notes or questions....please write below:

Ms Amena said:
"I would like to thank Christine for her great efforts on the accommodations part. I would like also to say that we are running out of time and honestly, I never expected her to find an option at the university accommodation, We all stayed in private housing after one week in a hotel then we moved into another house at the end of the period and this was pretty hectic. So, To find accommodation at the university is GREAT! kindly fill your names ASAP."

Thx christine good job ,
While searching found this site which might be a good indicator to get our heads around private housing option to whom it may concern.
It is a student housing site allover UK and other countries as well .

Ms Lobna said:
"Good to go girl, nice work...."

Dear Mr Amr
thank you for your contribution, and the link you posted is a great link if someone want to check his own private accommodation options.

Dear Mr. Mohamed Mysara
i wonder why you changed the page and deleted the photo i posted of the Broadgate park to display a dead link of i don't know what...!!!!????
please feel free to
COMMENT on whatever you don't like.

Dear Christine,
Sorry for that I don't even know how this happened. :P anyhow thanks for your effort.

Dear all I suggest that we do meet Sunday morning before the classes maybe around 8:30 AM to discuss the accommodation in person hoping to find one opinion. tell me what you think of that.

Dear Mysara
i don't think we can gather all the people to discuss that.
but i hoped you found the contents above clear for your decision.
please tell me if you didn't understand anything..

Dear Christine,
Although everything is nicely done there is another question that I wish that you could kindly clarify,
about the rooms how many people would share the same bathroom and kitchen. Thanks

Dear Mysara
i don't have this information yet, BUT i'll ask about it and get back to you...
thank you