Bank Directory:

we need to gather some reviews about some banks...

For HSBC, you can open an account in Egypt with Sterling pounds, and when you go to the UK you can use the global ATM card to withdraw money. For each withdrawal there will be a fee of 60 EGP.

If you have a visa, you can pay directly with it. The amount you paid in sterling pounds will be subjected to an exchange rate which is a bit higher than the normal exchange rate of the bank.
If the credit limit you have is low, you can put money into the visa account to increase your limit.

For the visa payment, you can pay it on-line using ebanking by transferring money from your saving account to the credit card account.

II) Barclays:
About Barclays; as it is my bank; I asked them how much does it cost to transfer £ 5,000 to UK and the guy did his math and said that they take .003% which was around £ 15 + the international fee for money transfer which was $20. (the $20 is a rough figure subjected to changes).
hope that helps
Mohamed Mysara

III) Citibank

from last year's experience:
  1. HSBC is not the perfect option,
  2. Lloyds is said to be better:
This is only a draft:
  1. HSBC
  2. Barclays Bank
  3. Lloyds Bank
  4. Bank of England
  5. Halifax
  6. Bank of Scotland
  7. Royal Bank of Scotland
  8. Bradford & Bingley
  9. Abbey (Santander)
  10. The co-operative bank
  11. Clydesdale Bank
  12. C I M Bank
  13. Santander Bank
  14. Standard chartered Bank
  15. Airdrie Savings Bank
  16. Unity Trust Bank
  17. Duncan Lawrie private banker
  18. Julian Hodge Bank
  19. Raphaels Bank
  20. Harrods Bank limited
  21. Ulster Bank
  22. Natwest helpful banking
  23. First trust bank
  24. Northern Bank
  25. Yorkshire Bank
  26. BNP Paribas
  27. National Bank of grease
  28. NSGB