Visa: Student Visitor ( visa for students for less than 6 months in UK)
Documents required:

  1. Application form
  2. A Valid Passport
  3. 1 passport size picture (not older than 6 month) 4.5x3.5 with light grey or white background and not too glossy material. (specs described in detail in the application)
  4. Evidence on how you will fund your trip*
  5. Previous passport
  6. Unless single, provide evidence of your marital state.
  7. Official record of any convections you were convicted of r sentences you received.
  8. Evidence of your current Employment status.
  9. Evidence of your current study status ( evidence that you have a place to study in Nottingham= letter from the school).
  10. Evidence on your English language level (IELTS or TOFEL).
  11. Evidence on any previous study gained in UK.
640 EGP
Visa duration:
Less than 6 month (Visa type : Student Visitor visa)

*Evidence on saving in bank ( as bank statement of your account)
  • Evidence on down payment ( if you have paid down payment for the school)

From where can I get my application?
You can get the applications from 3 places:
  1. I uploaded it for you, print it, fill in the required data carefully in only blue or black pen only. 00.jpg, 00_(1).jpg, 00_(2).jpg, 00_(3).jpg, 00_(4).jpg, 00_(5).jpg, 00_(6).jpg, 00_(7).jpg, 00_(8).jpg, 00_(9).jpg, 00_(10).jpg, 00_(11).jpg, 00_(12).jpg
  2. You can download it from the below website.
  3. You can get it physically from the bellow address
3 Abo Elfeda St. , Zamalek, Abo Elfeda office building, Floor 1, WorldBridge Services (on your left hand when you come out of the elevator)

What shall I do step by step?

you need to complete your documents
  1. Get your passport ready ( from mogamma3 eltahrir , 1st floor. The new digital one costs 110 L.E. and requires 3 recent photos with white background and a photocopy of your ID, try to have all you need when you go there, you might not find a copy machine there so have your copy with you. It takes 2 days to issue).
  2. Proof of your financial status (bank statement or equal).
  3. Letter of acceptance from Nottingham.
  4. Your IELTS result (original)
Points (2), (3) & (4) can be in parallel , they are not arranged.
  1. Any other documents other than the above basic documents and mentioned in the application.
Visit the below website to set an appointment to go to World Bridge Services to submit the application and interview if required.
Go to World Bridge Services in Abo elfeda st, zamalek to submit your application and your interview. Take the fees with you (640 L.E. DON'T FORGET) (note: I recommend that you park your car -if you have one- in the parking of sphenix square -under the bridge- as it is hard to park in zamalek specially in these timings of the day, parking ticket is 3 L.E./Hours, the building is very close less than 5 minutes walk)
World Bridge Services:
  • Address:
3 Abo Elfeda st. Zamalek, Abo elfeda office building, 1st floor.(on your left hand when you come out of the elevator).
  • Phone:
  • Mobile:
  • Web sites:
  • Applications submissions hours:
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Passports delivery hours:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

Thanks a lot Lobna :) for putting the correct visa type out of all the visas on their website:

Application form VAF1D - Student visitor (as recommended by Lobna and Amr - everyone)
Application Pdf: (

We will apply for the visa together, don't book an appointment now, You just need to know what is required as gathered by Lobna above.
Any more comments, contributions, or questions are most welcomed here. :)

Workshop is scheduled to be on: Wednesday 12th at ITI - Smart Village, you have to be online with us if you won't be able to come.

Please if you are interested in working in the UK after completing the Masters DO NOT APPLY FOR THE PBS and apply for the normal "Student Visitor". Tier-4 PBS is not suitable for our case. Both the government and the university recommended that we all go for the "Student Visitor".

We shall apply for "Tier-1 Post Study Work" visa after the Masters. This visa can give us a 2 year permit in the UK.

For detailed information, please call me on 0187444439 (sms in case I don't reply).

Amr Salem

Dear ALL,
Kindly find attached the Online Visa Application sheet that appear after finishing the application filling, Here is the link to the Online Application, and here is the application template , use it as a template to guide you, It is highly recommended that you fill it as soon as possible and send the following to Eng. Amena: I. Your application exact name II. your Application number III. your Date of Birth IV. your passport Number. this is in order to book the interviewing date all in the same day

Lobna Hammam
Good day all

The Process step by step:
step 1: Your email, application password
Step 2: location--> Egypt, Nationality --> Egypt, purpose of application --> visit, Type of application --> (general)student visitor, up to 6 months.
Step 3:Amr Salem's template